• Lost feelings or repressed feelings?

    I don t know how i feel about you. I don t think i actually wanna know. I want everything to end and to pass away. You don t deserve anything from me. Sometimes we think that we are still in love with a person but it s an illusion. We are in love with […]

  • My sunshine

    When i see the sun, i see you. Even though you love the moon, i associate you with the sun. The warmth of the sun remembers me of your hug. I miss it every day. I m not sad about it, don t worry, u are here with me all of the time. I feel […]

  • Grateful

    This summer was my best summer. I am so so happy about everything that happend. It feels like HEAVEN. I never thought this would happen to me.. I m overwhelmed by the most beautiful emotions. I want to thank myself for making everything possible and great. I was there for me and my friends, i […]

  • Relationships

    In the past, i thought you meet the “right one” and that’s it, that’s love. But I was wrong. We are told that one day we will find the “right one” and we will get married and have kids. That’s not true. That’s not how relationships are. You don’t find the perfect one and you […]

  • Calm down

    Sometimes you need a break and you should take it. Everyone needs a break. A break from everything, from work, friends, maybe even life. That doesn’t mean you are lazy or unproductive. You are charging your batteries. You need that break to be active again. I keep hearing people who say “I’m so tired, i […]

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself

    “I think there’s a big difference between being a bad person and being bad at being a person” In the whole world, are lots of people who hate themselfs or who hate what they are doing. Everything is a process, you make mistakes, you’re not good enough at work or school. But that doesn’t mean […]

  • Expectations

    Everyone has expectations. Some people have low expectations, some people have high expectations. Sometimes it’s ok to expect something good to happen or expect someone to be nice, it is the law of attraction. If you think of something good, it will happen and if you think of something bad, it will happen. That’s how […]

  • The Journey Begins

    Here to talk about your soul. Everyone talks about happiness and how powerful it is, but no one explains how losing it is the worst. First, i m gonna talk about the good stuff. Happiness is the best feeling. The most pure feeling. And when I say “happiness” i mean the overwhelming feeling that warms […]

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