Lost feelings or repressed feelings?

I don t know how i feel about you.

I don t think i actually wanna know. I want everything to end and to pass away. You don t deserve anything from me.

Sometimes we think that we are still in love with a person but it s an illusion. We are in love with the idea of them. When we realize that it s kinda painful. But what can we do? We get over it. People come and go.

But i feel like you ll never go. And i want you to. I ve never experienced something like this before, it s weird.

I hope for the best and i hope everything will calm down and we can be ourselves again.

I love you all!


I fell in love with someone new. He’s funny, handsome, smart. I think he’s my soulmate. I feel he’ s my soulmate.

I fell out of love with him. I still think he’s my soulmate.

Take care of yourself, please. You’re nice, don’t hurt yourself. I hope you realize what you did. Maybe you already did? I don’t know.

You’re weird, i like it.

Bless u, pretty colorful soul.

My sunshine

When i see the sun, i see you. Even though you love the moon, i associate you with the sun.

The warmth of the sun remembers me of your hug. I miss it every day. I m not sad about it, don t worry, u are here with me all of the time.

I feel your presence in every beautiful thing. The nature reminds me of you most of the time.

You are a piece of heaven, a ray of sunshine. U are my sunshine.

U make the world a beautiful place to be in. U give light to our world.

I trust you and i believe in you the most.

My words can’t describe how much i love you.

Be safe, my ray of sunshine. I will be here for you.

Every day, to see your light and feel your warmth.


This summer was my best summer.

I am so so happy about everything that happend. It feels like HEAVEN.

I never thought this would happen to me.. I m overwhelmed by the most beautiful emotions.

I want to thank myself for making everything possible and great.

I was there for me and my friends, i was free and calm.

This summer i saw a lot of places, like Paris and another city in my country in which i’ve never been. I’ve seen so many bands that i love at a festival named Summerwell and it was magic.

I m powerful now, i m free of the dark thoughts and i m more colourful than i’ve ever been.

I want to thank the Universe for making this possible, all the positive energy was with me and it helped me through the bad times.

Life is so beautiful, i can’t explain how grateful and thankful i am for my family and my good mental state.

This is a letter to me

Thank u, Natasha.


In the past, i thought you meet the “right one” and that’s it, that’s love. But I was wrong. We are told that one day we will find the “right one” and we will get married and have kids.

That’s not true. That’s not how relationships are. You don’t find the perfect one and you have a perfect life.You make your life happy, happiness is a choice.

In a relationship you have to do a lot of things and you need to understand your partner. You have to help him, love him and be there for him.

But not everyone is capable of this. Some people have mental health issues and it’s hard for them to be in a relationship. Relationships require a lot.

If two people decide to be together, they need to support eachother. Even when they are fighting, you won’t walk away like that person means nothing to you. Grow up. Listen. Talk. Be there for your loved ones.

You have to be ready for a relationship. To cure the wounds of the past for a new healthy relationship.

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re ready for a relationship? If you’re not, it’s ok. Take time for yourself, love yourself first.

I wish you an amazing future with healthy and lovely relationships!

Calm down

Sometimes you need a break and you should take it. Everyone needs a break. A break from everything, from work, friends, maybe even life.

That doesn’t mean you are lazy or unproductive. You are charging your batteries. You need that break to be active again.

I keep hearing people who say “I’m so tired, i don’t have time for anything”. That s so WRONG. You make time for things or people. If u say to yourself things like “i m busy, i have so much to do” you believe that even though you have time. You lie to yourself, you want to look busy but you’re not and that’s not ok.

Do what you have to do and make time for yourself. You need self care, love, a positive energy around you so go get it!

Don’t feel guilty for resting. It s healthy to rest. Just calm down for a second, breathe and then keep going.Nobody hurries you, you do that to yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

“I think there’s a big difference between being a bad person and being bad at being a person”

In the whole world, are lots of people who hate themselfs or who hate what they are doing.

Everything is a process, you make mistakes, you’re not good enough at work or school. But that doesn’t mean you have to hurt yourself with “i’m not good enough, i’m ugly, i can’t do anything, i hate myself”.

Change your habits, your attitude, your lifestyle. You deserve a good life and to be happy, why wasting time on hating yourself?

Your words to yourself hurt more than what you hear around you. You are at home, thinking how much you hate your body, your face or how you think. These thoughts are the demons from your head, you have to make them go. Run away from what hurts you, don’t stay.

When you do something wrong, what do you say to yourself? That you didn’t need to say that? That you suck?

Stop doing that. Think positive, peaceful. You’re not your mistakes. Things happen all the time. Even though they are bad, you need to say “it’s fine, i won’t do this again, i won’t hurt myself again, i will be careful with that”.

If you change your thoughts on yourself and other people, you will see that everything around you it will get better. You will feel better.

You have to accept and forgive yourself for others to accept and forgive you. Be kind with yourself, you need that!


Everyone has expectations. Some people have low expectations, some people have high expectations.

Sometimes it’s ok to expect something good to happen or expect someone to be nice, it is the law of attraction. If you think of something good, it will happen and if you think of something bad, it will happen. That’s how expectations work sometimes.It’s not always the same, but the energy always matter.
That’s why you have to be positive. Because positive it doesn’t mean to be always happy, it means to think healthy and when a problem shows up you know it will be over soon.
Sometimes people are mean with eachother when it s about growing. They expect you to be perfect from the start, they don’t think about how hard it is the process to be the best version of yourself . It hurts so bad when people are throwing words to you and they don’t realize what they are saying. Think first and then you can talk. And be nice, this is the most important thing.

When you give an advice to someone, don’t be rude, be kind,you want to help them.Don’t say your opinion to someone in a rude way, you will hurt them and that’s not ok.

We have to be more careful with eachother. I keep hearing “you don’t need to care about that”, but I do, so? Where’s the problem? It s ok to care about someone or something, it s normal. Don’t be inhuman. If we don’t care about eachother, who will?

Just be kind and always nice, it s the best way to deal with everything around you!

The Journey Begins

Here to talk about your soul.

Everyone talks about happiness and how powerful it is, but no one explains how losing it is the worst.

First, i m gonna talk about the good stuff.

Happiness is the best feeling. The most pure feeling. And when I say “happiness” i mean the overwhelming feeling that warms your soul. U can feel the warmth in your heart, in your cheeks, in your smile. Everyone needs love and affection and that s what other people call “happiness”. Other people call happiness the sunsets, the sunrise, a walk with a good friend, a warm hug.

But what i call happiness is when u get up from your real nightmares. When you grow, when you meet someone who has a great heart.When you get over mental health problems. When you see the people you love the most, when u make them proud of u. This is what i call happiness.

But sometimes this happiness goes away.

When everything is falling apart, you re hurt and you feel all by yourself, even though people keep telling you that they are there for you.

In these moments you don’t need people. You need yourself. You need to save yourself from those nightmares. Only you can help yourself, so do it! Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re too hurt. Be brave, fight all your problems, your fake friends, those bad people. Prove to you and to those bad people that u can do anything you want! You are not your bad days or your good days, you are everything, a complex personality, a human being who s not define by a feeling or a condition.

Love yourself and put yourself first. You matter to you, your friends and your family. Keep doing what makes you feel good and feel the happiness, the absolute feeling!